Project Details
Client: Concrete Engineering Co
Date: 2006
Location: following the pipe line Alobied-Port Sudan-alhody-um sayala-haya-aljayli- Sudan
Category: waterproofing

Project Description

Greater Nile Operation Co is the biggest petroleum co in Sudan, a 7 pump stations are located all along the pipe line from production area at Kordoufan to the sea port at Bashaier port .
all facilities roofs had been waterproofed and the water tanks had been coated with non-toxic waterproofing and protective coats .

Our Client Says

"The service provides our company as a business and our employees in their individual experience is always of the highest standard. As a business representative I feel confident when referring our people that they will have a positive experience."

Madars Bitenieks - company "TR&A" owner